Redemption – 2010

So tired
To feel inspired.
Too sad
To even be mad.
Words are flowing out all funny,
Convoluted, in a hurry,
They’re blurry and confused,
Terribly misused,
Inevitably failing to express
All this mess that’s now within,
The need for these feelings to melt away,
For me to stop wondering why
He could not stay.

Cambodia’s skies

He and I
Are searching for separate paths,
In this world
That’s so unfair and immense.
It was all too sudden and intense,
Perhaps too scary
For him to dare,
I guess.

Now that the rainbows are gone,
I’m left with golden clouds,
An open sky, a glass of wine,
A smile and no tears…
In my own way,
I’ll be fine…

I’ll treasure the memories,
Hope for the best.
As he’s out on a quest,
Life goes on,
Even when all the rainbows of this world
Are gone.
They always come back after the rain,
The sun is setting,
I feel sane.
Right now,
All I care about
Is that these words are out there…
As are we…
Redemption for you and me.


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