What now? – 2011

A little something with no rhymes, for a change… because change is coming and it’s time to stop fearing it…

Talking to you, distracted…
From these troubling thoughts.
I don’t want to go anywhere…
I’m not ready to make these decisions.

Thank you for listening,
Reminding me of why I’m here,
Giving me reasons for this sacrifice,
Looming inevitably in the horizon.

Take these verses as a note of gratitude,
Even if I never see you again.
Yes, I am not making this easy,
All the while knowing it could be amazing.

But I’m too worried to rhyme.
I’m about to take a turn
And it will change things forever.
This is my home.

News I cannot welcome,
Conversations that shouldn’t happen.
I hope all pieces fall into place…
I will reach out to you then.


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