The Day my Sistah left (cont.)


Lake Tonle Sap, Cambodia


Amazing Pantanal!

 Life teaches that everything comes at a cost… Lonely, snowy, meaningless holidays. Falling in love with a place and fighting to be able to stay. Embracing change so that fate doesn’t look so frightening. Losing myself in a dream, while foregoing so many others. Doubting myself, this person I’ve become. Maybe the same I have always been, just a bit less hopeful, a tad more lost… At times, drowning in confusion… before swimming up towards the light to greet life, laugh with life. And then cry, shout and despair… go to bed, sleep for 20 hours and, one day, perhaps, never wake up… But not today. Today is about putting it all out there and breathing deep. Once more, rescued by words, by life’s undying poetry, shining in beloved faces near and far, in the promise of seeing them again… and in the beauty for which I wake up every morning, where I find so much inspiration, and that surrounds me with all its majesty no matter where I go.


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