Transition – 2012

To celebrate an astounding weekend and the deep bonds we are all capable of forming with others. These connections are vital as we move along life’s challenging paths, just as much as when we stop to recharge, let go and have fun…

For so long,
I felt lost and hopeless,
As melancholy took over my soul.
And then emptiness, as if I were frozen inside.
At last, that ice has started to melt
To the warmth of the music that brings us together.

And so it is
That a cooler autumn wind
Is blowing new faces into my life,
With all their stories, troubles and secrets;
And their open, honest smiles
In which I’ve found myself at home…

To my surprise,
As the leaves start to fall,
I feel renewed energy to stand up,
To move away from this state of oblivion,
Welcome the changes coming up,
And live in the present with poetic intensity…

It is a process,
At times impossible to bear,
If not for the love of those around you
And a sense of responsibility towards this world.
So this poem is a tribute to those
Who have filled my life with colors, joy, and strength.


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