Birthday + Art Fun = Figment DC

Another year, another birthday, but something tells me this time it’ll be truly special…

On the same day your friend here turns 34, Figment will be bringing all its magic to DC for the first time.

With my submission approved, I am delighted to share with you that I will be there, surrounded by other amazing artists, to disseminate “Life in Rhymes” and join the poetry open-mic.

I should soon have more info on the exact time the poets will take over the stage, for those that would like to be there for that.

Figment itself is on all day and I’d love to see some friendly DC faces there to celebrate with me and be inspired by DC’s fantastic art community.

Some of my wonderful friends in Brazil… looking forward to another poetically happy day, this time with my DC fam. (Facebook invite at Flavia Rocha Loures – Poeta) (Figment DC official page) (Figment DC official Facebook event page)


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