Life in Rhymes / Vida em Versos

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”

– Loren Eisley

As I listened to the harp,
Music oozing freely from the cords,
Like water from a spring.
For beautiful moments, I believed…
Believed in the power of will,
In human sensibility,
Running through our core,
As water underground
Slowly moving through the Earth.

I closed my eyes
And saw a world
With no disputes and greed
Over shared natural resources,
A land not manifesting itself through natural disasters …
Our environment in balance,
Not perishing in scarcity and desertification,
But washed in serenity by vital waters.
Rain on the fields,
On smiling, vibrant forests,
Watery music flowing through my heart.
Life recreating itself,
In the most essential form of art…

As I wake up to an imperfect world,
A silent music goes on and renews my energy,
As water through the hydrological cycle,
Transparent, refreshing,

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    Happy World Day! This is the UN International Year of Water Cooperation. It has also been the year when the world community has gotten fully engaged towards designing the future UN Development Agenda. Please join us in celebrating some of the progress we’ve been able to achieve. And in every little thing you do, think about how YOU can be part of the solution… Through water, we can build the future we all want, for people, prosperity and our living planet!

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