The Phantom of the Opera

…And once again I find
Myself in danger.
Confusion in my mind,
Possessed by this stranger.

This creature eclipses the suns
And runs through my blood.
Such a weird form of life…
I am drowning in its mud.

I can feel your tears
In my eyes.
Predict your fears
And unmask your lies.

Is there anything I can do
To ease your sadness?
Is there anyone out there
To free you from this madness?

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
There’s a cloud over you:
The darkness of soul.

Your voice, your whispers, your song…
Am I part of your game?
Your power over me grows strong.
Never will you stop calling my name.

Is it too late?
Have i been consumed by your hate?
I must no longer follow your track.
And strive to go back home.

I could fly with your touch
Or surrender to your kiss.
I could love you so much,
But I should resist.

I wish I could leave your side,
Even if for a while,
And forget the secrets you hide
Behind your sad smile.

But you have captured me
In this dance,
Because, at this moment,
Nothing else makes sense.

My body is floating,
My spirit is flying,
My heart feels so vain,
Am I going insane?

Under your musical spell,
I cannot tell the difference
Between fantasy and reality.
I’m slowly giving in.

You’ve guided me into a new universe
Of shadows, surprises and dreams,
Now you dance to the rhythm of my screams
And I’m too weak to break this curse.

There’s nowhere else to go.
I’m locked inside your heart.
You’re locked inside mine.
We are one.

Just take me forever.
I need some rest.
Cover my memories, my past.
Be my only and eternal lover.

I’ve fallen into this temptation.
So strong is this attraction.
I’m yours, your everything, your creation.
You’re my life, my lord, my passion.


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