Life in Rhymes / Vida em Versos

…And once again I find
Myself in danger.
Confusion in my mind,
Possessed by this stranger.

This creature eclipses the suns
And runs through my blood.
Such a weird form of life…
I am drowning in its mud.

I can feel your tears
In my eyes.
Predict your fears
And unmask your lies.

Is there anything I can do
To ease your sadness?
Is there anyone out there
To free you from this madness?

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
There’s a cloud over you:
The darkness of soul.

Your voice, your whispers, your song…
Am I part of your game?
Your power over me grows strong.
Never will you stop calling my name.

Is it too late?
Have i been consumed by your hate?
I must no longer follow your track.
And strive to go back home.

I could fly with your touch
Or surrender to your kiss.

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