From a fellow poet…


My heart I place

Within its cage

Of ivory bone


Its tender loves

Its pain, its rage

Are never shown.


I fold my skin

Over the bars

And sew it closed


And none can know

The inward wars

Kept there enclosed.


A chain mail shirt

So strong, so cold

Upon my skin


Is next to come

Is next to hold

The heart within.


I place a plate

Of iron stron

Upon my breast


And none can touch

–no sword, no prong–

Can pierce my chest.


I fold my hands

Over these walls

And swear my oaths


That blood shall spill

Before one falls

My heart unclothes.


Invulnerable am I to offense

Insuperable is my fence

Impenetrable my defence.


But all I do

One word from you

You cut right through.

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