Short poems from 2011

Missing the days when we were all smiles…
Maybe again when the sun is bright.
Meanwhile, let’s dance to another winter night.

Met someone,
It’s been great fun.
I’ll do it all by the book this time.
And, even though I’m tired of this rhyme,
That’s the best I can come up with now.
So he better role with it, go wow!!!

When life surprises you
With good and bad news,
All at the same time,
You let it all ooze
With laughter and tears,
And you give in
To your urge to rhyme.

These feelings are haunting,
They are taunting me.
The most daunting task
Is to just let it be.
Give it room to grow,
To glow, flow and fly away.
One of these days, perhaps,
It will come back…
And stay.

I keep waiting for you to come in.
I keep imagining it.
I see your face in the dark and
It’s all I recognize.
Just like that,
I surrender to my own demise
And to the sad colors of your silence.

I am sadness, I am pain…
I’m but a poet,
Left alone in the rain.

The song that ended all
Flows through the air once more…
On this night,
Of closure and acceptance,
Fun and doubts,
Something new moves about.
Who knows where the wind blows?
Possibly surprise lies in the horizon.
Or not…
Either way,
Poetry is the best I’ve got.

Clouds and boats,
Water and people…
She sighs, she hopes,
Out there with her friends
Joyfully she stands
And her world once again
Makes sense.


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