This is the time… February 2013

Posting again, because I’ve renewed my faith in humanity…

Life in Rhymes / Vida em Versos

Time to welcome a new year…
Get ready for the unexpected…
Seek inspiration so as not to lose the rhythm.
A time to ask unimaginable questions…
And then surrender to the beauty of the instant,
The apex of the curve,
As friends come together to celebrate love.

As hope for better times is renewed…
And faith in a brighter world for all gains strength.
Human beings look sublime as they contemplate the sunrise…
And when extending a hand to those in need.
Our appetite for knowledge.
The genius scientists among us…
The artists who reinvent our existence.

There is no denying that we are an imperfect species,
When so many suffer and perish before our eyes.
Violence, poverty, insanity.
Freedoms curtailed, selfish egos, unrestrained greed…
Thirst for power, hunger for possessions…
For some, it’s just never enough.

The loss of a sense of belonging in nature…
The inability to see life…

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