Winter – 2011

I had such a great evening yesterday with my DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency friends at the spoken word event they organize once a month at Bossa. I had left the office with this heavy feeling, thinking about Syria, species going extinct, the situation in my country, lack of sufficient progress in climate negotiations, etc., etc. But going to these events is always such an amazing experience. By the end of the last poem by our lovely hosts, I was a different person… strong and ready to continue fighting the good fight for a better future… So here’s a piece that describes these emotions to some extent. Happy reading!

This is my moment of solitude,
When all the pieces of my life
Come together.
An instant of quietude
That could last forever.
I find my place in space.
Words fill up my mind,
I risk a rhyme.
Making sense of life,
As I play with sentences,
There are no limits, no fences.
Out here, I feel bold;
I see beauty in the winter,
In the strangeness of the cold…
I own it all
And learn so much,
Till I go back inside
To the warmth of his touch.


7 thoughts on “Winter – 2011

  1. Dear FLavia Rocha Loures

    I have posted my poem(See comments on your poem) for your reading which I wrote sometimes back in Fort Lauderdale,Florida Engr.Anwar H.Mujahid

  2. Dedicated to the children of the world
    “World is a train full of children”
    Full of children,world is a train
    They are innocent,harmless,humane
    World is a train full of children
    They don’t harm any one,old or young
    They don’t harm you even with their toungue
    World is a train full of children
    They have beautiful,shinning dreams
    Nothing evil or wicked in their realms,
    World is a train full of children
    This train is closing on a sad accident
    Due to things unexpected,unpleasant
    World is a train full of children
    children are mine and your best hopes
    This train is reaching very dangerous slopes
    World is a train full of children
    before it is too late let us save this train
    let us save the children who remain
    A poem by Engr.Anwar H.Mujahid
    Fort Lauderdale ,Floria March 1986

  3. Thanks,
    tis gives me some energy today, and I need some badly. Keep it up. One day I may add a poem myself, but for now, hapy to read and energise.

  4. Flavia.Thank you for sharing this with me.I undersatand that you feel about the various issues in the world including Syria and other trouble spots where humanity is suffering.You are a sensitive person.(every jenuine poet is sensitive to the world around him/her.Anyhow thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry with me.I will also try to send you about the “Children of the world”which I wrote in the 1980’s in Florida. over the weekend.
    Engr.Anwar H.Mujahid

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