So much – 2011

There is so much about me
He doesn’t know…
All that I’d never reveal,
Like the stubborn wounds
That won’t heal.
I’m a poet,
That he knows,
With a heart that overflows…
And burns at his sight.
Will he fall in love too,
As we lose ourselves to this night?
Will he notice the little things:
The smile his presence brings…
My commitment to a better world,
How much I miss my family
And my fun bohemian side…
Even as our worlds
Inevitably collide?


One thought on “So much – 2011

  1. Dear Flavia Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry with me at a time of universal tension. Mucho Gracias.Keep it up. God bless you. Engr.Anwar H.Mujahid

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