Time and Perspectives – 2005

I have just turned 35 and am about to start a new chapter in this life in rhymes of mine. I am afraid, excited, nostalgic… Most of all, I am delighted that I get to bring you all along with me, my fellow poetry lovers, as we continue to share this space; to wander together this world of wonders and wild words. ❤


Here I stand,
At the edge of this exotic and exciting cliff,
Where the turning point
Becomes the point of no return.
Behind me:
Turned pages,
Aged faces,
Names of ghosts,
Smiles frozen in dusty pictures,
Forever printed on my mind…

Detached? Am I?
Would I ever be?
Do I need to be?
Do I want to?
Moving on
Doesn’t mean locking past doors…
Or does it?

Here I am,
Facing an open future,
As these thoughts shake my world…
If only I could see beyond,
Far beyond the cloudy mountains…

There are only two ways out of here:
Descending back,
Towards a past that has long ceased to exist
Or moving forward,
Flying and falling and fighting and failing and
Flying and falling and flowing…
And flowers…

Here I go,
In search of the unknown,
Turning on the lights as I move,
Rediscovering, reinventing,
Recognizing myself.
On this journey,
I carry a bag full of marks and memories
And another filled with wishes and wonders.
Every now and then,
I let go of everything and surrender.
I extend my hand
And I find life, love, and laughter.


4 thoughts on “Time and Perspectives – 2005

  1. Dear Flavia
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry with us,which tells us that with all its ups and downs ,life is still beautiful and it is worth living,a message of hope and a mention of the unknown fears and nostalgia,but at the same time wishes and aspirations,which keep us going.keep up the good work.
    With Kind Regards
    Engr.Anwar H.Mujahid

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