Lone poetess – 2012


A lone poetess wanders through the night…
Not knowing where to go,
Searching for music and light…

So I just sit at this bar and let my heart melt.
I fly far on the wings of all I have felt.
I see him glance across the room…
Another pretty face in this crazy life of mine.

The gods watch my fingers bleed,
Line after line.
And so it’s true: melancholy rules me.
It’s there in every whisper of my poetry.

But why these games?
Happiness inspires me too…
If there were a chance,
I’d make words dance and verses bloom,
Soft as a promise, as a child’s laughter.
Serene, as us sitting here together…

Take a moment, poetess,
And listen to him recite…
Find light in words’ caress.
As he kisses you good night.


2 thoughts on “Lone poetess – 2012

  1. Dear Flavia Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry with me.”A loan potess wanders through the night” With all the people and humanity around us we could still be lonely.However the demand of life compels us to keep going.Keep up the good work,Dear. Wish you a happy day. With Kind Regards Engr.Anwar H.Mujahid  

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