Sunrise in Paradise – 2014



Lost in Paradise,
Found in the depth of a sunrise,
Double rainbows, gleaming warm oceans,
Bouncing coconuts, dancing blue parrots,
Exhilarating emotions.

Enfolded by melodious folly,
Encircled by marvelous friends…
We were all bound to coalesce
In music’s ticklish hypnotizing caress.

The days turned into nights,
All sounds turned into tunes,
The sun inside us shone bright,
As laughter, conversations, uplifting sensations
Solidified our musical kinship.

Then, one by one, I saw them go,
Disappear down the road
Into an unforgettable rainbow,
Like beloved shards in my foreign life story…
Not knowing when we may meet again.

So here I am, at last at home,
Already missing their faces,
Cozy cabanas, heartfelt embraces.
Our many dances under the stars
And as we gazed up at Jupiter and Mars…

This journey ends, another starts,
Our hearts may bleed a little,
Some tears may take longer to dry,
Yet the music doesn’t stop today,
Neither time nor distance could ever take it away.

Let’s keep moving
To the rhythm of these shared memories,
The fun colorful photographs,
The fantastic sets immortalized online.

I’ll cherish the invisible tattoos from our time together,
Fight away the blues for what lies ahead.

Farewell, my lovelies,
I shall see you soon at sunrise
For yet another season in groovy paradise.


One thought on “Sunrise in Paradise – 2014

  1. Good piece of Poetry.But I saw a recent photo of you,in historical Istanbul,did Istanbul inspire you enough to say a few words(even in prose).I would like to hear from you .
    Engr.Anwar H.Mujahid

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