Liberty – 1998

Sitting here alone,
staring at the ocean,
where I drown my deepest fears,
bathe my wildest emotions,
I feel that my heart
is about to explode
like a firebomb.

I hear songs of freedom…
So I open my arms,
close my eyes and
simply fly away,
carried by the wind,
far beyond reality.

Heaven has never seemed so close
and so sweet before,
for the angels have opened the door
into a different way of living.

Here, on top of the world,
there is no pain,
nothing happens in vain.
The sun brightens up,
announcing a magic tomorrow
and my sorrow melts away,
in an ecstasy of sudden joy…

May the gods allow me to stay
for a while.
May the stars light up my way.
May the skies and the seas smile at me
one last and glorious time.
May the blue birds fly and
a cool wind blow.
May my spirit dance and flow
through an everlasting rhyme.



4 thoughts on “Liberty – 1998

  1. Dear Flavia Thank you for sharing the beautiful Poetry/picture with me ,however what is the location where this poetry was written. With Kind Regards&Greetings Engr.Anwar H.Mujahid

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