Thinking things through – 2011

We are all feeling our world in turmoil these days. Wherever we look, there’s conflict, death, violence against children and women, widespread suffering, manipulation of religious teachings, abuse of power; from my own country and region to Palestine, Libya and Syria, to Ukraine, and Central & West Africa, and so on. At times like this, we need to find the strength to keep trying our best towards securing brighter times for all, especially those most affected by humanity’s dark side. So today I share with the world my own words of reflection, along with a couple of images that bring me inner-peace, wishing they will do the same for you as we prepare for August’s arrival. 

Cambodian colors of peace

Cambodian colors of peace

The poet inside me is here to pause and reflect
about the human beings we are and how we act.

Do we behave in accordance to what we preach?
Do we live by the lessons we are supposed to teach?

Do we lead by example, in society and at home,
and follow our principles, if in a group or alone?

What of the promises we were so sure we’d keep?
Are we living a lie, each time we smile or weep?

Are we falling off track and slowly losing touch
with the little things that used to mean so much?

Can we actually shake hands, partner and rise above?
Be honest at work, with the world and when in love?

I don’t know, but I care, as expressed in these rhymes…
We struggle and strive through such challenging times,

when people and nations often fail to work together.
Yet instinctively we know we could so much better.


Australia’s sublime little white flowers


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