Time and Perspectives – 2005

Excited about the big changes coming up soon… time to repost Time & Perspectives… feedback welcome 😉

Life in Rhymes / Vida em Versos

I have just turned 35 and am about to start a new chapter in this life in rhymes of mine. I am afraid, excited, nostalgic… Most of all, I am delighted that I get to bring you all along with me, my fellow poetry lovers, as we continue to share this space; to wander together this world of wonders and wild words. ❤


Here I stand,
At the edge of this exotic and exciting cliff,
Where the turning point
Becomes the point of no return.
Behind me:
Turned pages,
Aged faces,
Names of ghosts,
Smiles frozen in dusty pictures,
Forever printed on my mind…

Detached? Am I?
Would I ever be?
Do I need to be?
Do I want to?
Moving on
Doesn’t mean locking past doors…
Or does it?

Here I am,
Facing an open future,
As these thoughts shake my world…
If only I could see beyond,

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