30e Festival International de la Poésie de Trois-Rivières (cont.)

Hi all, my apologies for going MIA. As some of you may know, I’m now in China, where access to wordpress can often be a challenge, so I won’t be posting as often as I’d like to. This post takes us back to the beautiful Trois-Rivières for the Poetry Festival I attended in October.

Already on Day 1, I produced new material to share – a poem in Portuguese I wrote during a workshop in the afternoon, based on an enigmatic painting by the artist Pascal Lareau.

Also on Saturday, I joined a panel of international poets, chaired by Gaston Bellemare, organizer of the Festival. At the session, each poet presented about the state of poetry in our respective countries – Chile (Sergio Badilla), Croatia (Nikola Petkovic), France (Gérard Cartier), Israel (Marlena Braester), Morocco (Mohamed Ahmed Bennis), Portugal (Luis Filipe Sarmento), Ukraine (Dmytro Tchystiak). I decided to focus on poetry dissemination and some of the creative ideas going around in Brazil to ensure that this often-neglected form of art reaches as wide an audience as possible. I mentioned Poeme-se and their T-shirts that display selected poems; an initiative to publish poems in outdoor media in various neighborhoods in towns in Santa Catarina; the large poetry posters in the Pátio Batel Shopping Mall in Curitiba; the “Oficina de Poesia”, a poetry workshop which takes places weekly in the Parana State Library; and SOBRAMES, an association of physicians that are also writers, and which holds regular conferences around the country.

In the evening, I recited two of my poems, in the original – “Monólogo da Verdade”, in Portuguese, and ‘Terror’, in English – as well as their French translations (see below), alongside colleagues from Haiti (Bathélemy Bolivar), Argentina (Claudia Schvartz) and Israel (Marlena Braester).

Reading at the elegant Suite Soixante - Galerie d'art

Reading at the elegant Suite Soixante – Galerie d’art

Poem on the wall of Suite Soixante, by one of the poems at the fest

Poem on the wall of Suite Soixante, by one of the poets at the fest

IMG_0941_w poem_cropped


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