Life’s surprises

I’ve just got some really bad news about a colleague from law school… earlier this year, it was my professor’s 16-year old sun… brain tumor in both cases… though the younger one seems to be doing better… so my prayers and thoughts go to both families…

let a light shine
on our darkest hours

far and wide
deep inside

as wild flowers

… and here’s another that seems fitting as well…

I know it’s getting old,
but life is full of surprises,
no matter what you’re told,
doesn’t matter the disguises.

the truth is always out there
and it may hit you
when you least expect…
I know, it isn’t fair,
but that’s life, simply a fact.

 so carry on, be not jaded…
in the end of the day,  you’ll know you’ve made it.

that’s the beauty of it all,  when you rise after you fall.

it’s the secret you need to know…  and then, you’ll be good to go.


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