Greetings, readers… poetry needs you!

This August, I’ll be participating in the Tupelo 30/30 Project– a poetry marathon to raise funds for this incredible not-for-profit literary press. The poets who volunteer are challenged to write one poem each day, throughout the month. These poems are then showcased here – Tupelo 30/30 Project, to motivate poetry lovers around the world to donate to Tupelo. So stay tuned for daily updates.

In sum, my friends, starting in less than a week, I’ll be breathing, drinking, sweating and bleeding poetry every minute of every hour of every day – and I invite you to join me in this wild ride for a good cause. This is what it takes for poets world over to go on finding in Tupelo a beautiful and reliable home to share with you, darling reader, our beloved form of art, now and into the future.

The world needs poetry and poetry needs YOU! Help us spread it, far and wide, deep inside…much love to you all!

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Why support Tupelo?Independent literary publishers are mission-driven—they focus on publishing literature. Independent literary publishers provide access to the voices of entire communities. Independent literary publishers produce over 98% of poetry being published each year…Jeffrey Lependorf, Executive Director, Council of Literary Magazines and Presses
How to donate? For all options, please remember to include Flavia Rocha Loures so that your valuable donation counts towards my ambitious goal of raising US$1000 for Tupelo.

 1. Subscribe to Tupelo Press:
Visit Tupelo’s subscription page. Purchase the 2015 series – 10 books for $129 and Tupelo covers the postage! Or choose among prior series, or a personalized list of any 9 titles. Fill out the “Is this subscription in honor of a 30/30 poet? If so, please list their name here” field with Flavia Rocha Loures.

2. Complete the Tupelo Press Donation Form:
Visit Tupelo’s donation page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, fill out the donation form and send it in with a check or fill in the credit card details. Select Flavia Rocha Loures under the “Is this donation in honor of a 30/30 poet? If so, please select their name here:” field.

3. Donate Using PayPal:
Visit Tupelo’s donation page. Click on the orange “Quick Donation via PayPal” button and complete the entry with either PayPal account details or credit card information. Put Flavia Rocha Loures in the “Dedicate my donation, in honor of” field.


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