Tupelo 30/30 Project – Day 2

Made it home… now catching up with updates from our poetry marathon. Please visit Tupelo 30/30 Project for the work of my fellow poets and our progress until now.


I take a deep breath
inhale every last bit of hope
my lungs can store

I borrow blue from the skies
green from the oceans and
color over countless red stains

in you
I pull an invisible chord and
fashion a smile
pull your hair up
for there’s much work to do

sweat and tears will nourish the land
a runoff of new beginnings
bound to replenish aquifers
reconnect wetlands and streams
and lost souls

strive to rebuild we shall
that which our forbearers
had destroyed


in the aftermath of a tragedy
hope is all that remains
like the ashes of the Fenix


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