Tupelo 30/30 Project – Day 5


“What day is it today”, he asks.
To which she responds:
“It’s the day of revolution,
of creativity in motion.
He opens
those big brown eyes,
puzzled and wide,
like the horizon.
She continues:
“It’s a day of possibilities,
but most of all,
it’s just the right day to flirt
with the impossible.”

“You see,
you’ve been planting the seeds
to harvest tomorrow;
building today
to inhabit in the future;
beautiful summers go by,
as you envision, design
such perfect plans,
only to see them come

The present is
the best of all presents,
the key to everything
in the supremacy of the here
in the heartfelt totality
of the now.”

He kisses her, why wouldn’t he?

Betraying her own words,
she pulls away,
heads home.


The wind roars, rain pours
ever so viciously,
as if the skies
had lost their best friend.
“It’s ok”, she tells herself,
“Summer will soon be upon us.”

But when it’s late, it’s much too late.
Time, as it turns out,
has shut
his brown eyes down

last autumn.


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