Tupelo 30/30 Project – Day 7

The musician with the blue flower

Please visit Tupelo 30/30 Project to read all poems written thus far by the August volunteers. I promise you’ll love them!

This is the street art that inspired my seventh poem (see below)… any thoughts?


the sun sink into the sea, the artiste
held a blue flower delicately in his
creative grip, seeking in its hues
inspiration, inebriating scents,
like absinthe, flower flowing in time
space, the water, fingers nimbly moving
in the air, to the rhythm of the waves
the sunset, and the dance of dolphins
eagles and voices, he turned and glanced
at possibility, sparkling blue eyes
like the flower, sapphire and indigo
petals, sky-like leaves, depth and beauty
the magic of music playing in silence
quiet crescendo of magnificence
all the way to zenith, to eruption
then he knew, truly had it, that feeling
floral cerulean composition of
a lifetime


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