Tupelo 30/30 Project – Day 11

greetings, saludos / by Flavia Rocha Loures

Arts & Crafts Fest in DC... good times!

Arts & Crafts Fest in DC… good times!

ciao bello, aloha
oi, hola, hello
sup, yo,
a noite tá boa?

olá, my friend,
que pasa? I say,
fantastic day
tudo beleza, man

ok, hablamos, partiu
tchüss, ein kuss
besos, baci, bisoux
beijo, baby boo


multi-tongue word play
my favorite game
here, I’ll show you
just loosen up, mate:

fiu fiu…
what’s up, hot stuff!
meu nome é Fla, luv,
world citizen from Brazil

et j’aime la poésie
las rimas que viven en mi
por tudo o que senti
and all I’ve yet to see

so auf wiedersehen
bye for now, à bientôt
hope to see you again, so
whatsapp, wechat me

avec toutes les mots,
we’ll verse away, stay up late
neste jogo que inventei
and I can hardly wait


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