Tupelo 30/30 Project – Day 12

A love poem for Day 12…


The one tear / by Flavia Rocha Loures

He’s been the pain lodged in my smile,
a lingering sadness in my eyes,
an agony that makes me insane,
that one tear that never fully dries.

But too many times have I bled.
So many poems I must have cried.
Now I have fought my vilest fears,
that frailty that’d been burning inside.

There’s sweet change stirring in me,
like a new age is about to start.
I cannot wait to let you know
of all the wonders in my heart.

Walk with me, darling, hold me tight,
as I gaze deep into the abyss
one last time for needed closure,
for all the aching I shan’t miss.

This long-living despondency,
at last, the time is ripe to dethrone,
transcend into a luminous day
and I don’t have to do it alone.

Feeling diffident, miniscule, this
can no longer be. You are here,
through the bliss of emancipation,
to dry out that last silly old tear.


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