Tupelo 30/30 Project – Days 14-18 – Things children say

Dear readers,
Sincerest apologies for the long silence. The last two months have been out control busy (though wonderful on so many levels), with completing the Tupelo 30/30 Project; spending time with my family back home; readjusting to life in China and moving into a new apartment off campus; catching up with work, school and friends in Xiamen… and organizing a local poetry group for monthly readings, both in English and Chinese (more to follow on this).
So, in an attempt to redeem myself, I’m posting a longer poem today from the Tupelo 30/30 Project, which had originally been published in separate parts over the period of five days… hope you enjoy!

Things children say

Inspired by and adapted from various remarks made by my godson, originally in Portuguese, and collected by his mom, between the ages of 2 and 7

Lucas being Lucas, Pantanal

Lucas being Lucas, Pantanal

Part I. Philosophizing, poeticizing

“The world looks so small on google maps,
but we know it is so big.”

“There’s a tiny yellow fish
in the bottom of the ocean.
It looks like a radiant sun
twinkling under the water.”

“The full moon is
the daredevil of light.”

“One thing I hate in this world is when
hell comes into our head and then
we keep bugging the hell out of everybody.”

“How can the dogs be sleeping in still,
when being out here is such a thrill?”

On the two different companies contracted by his school to transport kids:
“They’re like Coke and Pepsi,
competing to see who gets more children.”

Mom: “How was your day at school?”
Lucas: “Great, I’m even sweating stones…
we played all kinds of games for disentangling bones.”

Part II. Fantasizing

“When peeing, we shouldn’t make too much noise,
because there’s a dragon castle nearby.
If the dragon wakes up, it comes into the living room to spit fire.
Then again, this should set off the alarm and
the police would come quickly to get rid of the dragon.”

“These days
Santa uses GPS to find our letters.”

“All this rain!
I think the angels pulled up the rain lever and went to sleep.”

“My friend at school brushed her doll’s hair so hard that the hair fell off.
Then again, the doll had belonged to her grandma.
It was already so old… about time it got bald.”

When asked how he knew a song playing on the radio:
“It was playing while the stork was carrying me here.”

When told that taxi drivers know all the best directions:
“Not in other planets, they don’t.”

Our soccer team has been playing so well.
“I wonder if all the players have taken a magical potion…
or maybe they made a wish upon a shooting star.”

Part III. Kiddy sweetness

when you go to heaven,
will you keep taking care of me?”

“You’ll never be alone,
I’m here… always.”

“Do you know why my heart beats?
Because I love you.”

“You’re my best moment in life!”

“It’s so nice to get a hug,
to be held closely tight…
any time, day or night.”

“My greatest Christmas present
is my family.”

“Good night!
See you all in my dreams.”

New Year’s Eve wishes:
“I wish everybody I love to be healthy,
and for God to watch lovingly over them.”

Going away with his grandparents for the weekend:
“Mom, beware of the bad guys,
be kind to your patients.”

Consoling a friend:
“Think about good things,
like the places and people
you love most.”

Part IV. Being cute and jolly

“You should brush your gums thoroughly…
it’s where the bacteria like to poop.”

“Great-grandma is so naughty:
just wants to lie in bed all day!”

“This noise coming out of my belly…
is the sound of my tummy eating my food.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll pick up the coins from the floor,
since I’m more ‘elastic’.”

Getting scolded:
“But why would you nickname me angel,
if I’m such a prankster?”

At the supermarket:
“Hmm, let’s go explore this place!”

Placing a golden sticker on my jacket:
“Here, this way your jacket
will look more luminous.”

Talking about his cousins:
“It’s good I’m not going there to play today.
They keep fighting each other and
it gives me a headache.”

In the car:
“I’d like to go check out that building.
In fact, I wanna see everywhere in Brazil.”

One day, first sentence upon waking up:
“Recycling is important.”

Playing video-games:
“This soundtrack is so much fun…
I feel like running around naked.”

Part V. Witty dialogues

From another room, Lucas coughs and says:
“Mom, I just coughed!”
She replies: “Yes, saw that.”
Then he goes: “Duh, mom, you didn’t see it, you heard it.”

Mom: “You look so serious and attentive…”
Lucas: “That’s because my tummy machine is working well and,
with these big ears of mine,
I’m listening to everything around me.”

Mom: “Your toys are set up so funny today.”
Lucas: “Of course, I use my imagination!”

Mom: “Does your little sister cry at night?”
Lucas: “Yep.”
Mom: “And can you hear her if you’re sleeping?”
Lucas: “Of course! Or do you think my ears malfunction at nighttime?”

Mom: “I had already told you not to do that.”
Lucas: “I know… it’s just that the first time you said it,
it didn’t really reach all the way into my head.”

Lucas: “I’d like to get a tattoo.”
Mom: “One day, perhaps.”
Lucas: “I’d like to get it one day today.”

Grandma: “If you don’t behave during tooth-brushing, I’ll take off running.”
Lucas: “But you gonna run with your injured knee? That should hurt!”

Lucas: “Let’s go play at the park.”
Mom: “But how, with your broken arm?”
Lucas: “Not to worry, I’ll put all my abilities to good use.”


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  1. Hi, Flávia! Thanks for the poems. Have you finished your project? Where are you now, in Curitiba? Best regards!

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