Tupelo 30/30 Project – Day 21 – logomaniacs

Poesia em Chines

must sometimes get real raw & apoplectic

today we don’t write to be apologetic
to be charming or polite
enough is enough hence we rhyme
scream and shout for a change in paradigm
we are here to make noise
for as long as it takes as loud as it gets
till you stop
to hear our voice

our poetry has purpose
it has wrath anguish awe
for humanity seems to have gone astray
on and on day after day tumbling down
this Cimmerian path

dearth of compassion inflicting the Earth

our poetry bleeds hope it abounds
in ecstasy sparkles with idiosyncrasy
when it becomes about
the power in small gestures
vivacious acts of solidarity
in nature’s dynamic balance
linking together such tenacious cat’s cradle

we are here to describe & reinvent
to protest & celebrate by translating
rebellious feelings into winged words
like the logomaniacs we are

will you
step out of your plutomania
& experiment “freeading”?


Let’s change the world – September 2013


Be powerful, bold and great…
And true to the art you create.
Change the world,
Stand up for what’s right.
I’ll take you by the hand
And we’ll music up this night.
Open your eyes to the sunset…
And all the beauty you haven’t seen… yet.
There’s so much out there to discover…
Embrace it all like a passionate lover.
Treasure life for all it is.
Help make this land a better place…
With joy and at ease.

Seven – 2012

So different life has been,
All the faces she hasn’t seen
The times she’s acted mean.
Suddenly feeling lost, as a teen;
Then in a high, on fire and keen.
The almighty poetess queen,
With tears that are silent and lean,

For no one should ever know
Of her anguish, her silly woe,
Which inspire and torment her so,
Disguised in an upbeat hello.
She yearns to yield to a verse’s flow,
As her poetry, she strives to sow,
But this world is her art’s greatest foe.

What to do then on this day?
No words left to say…
No wish to go out and play.
Thus to her distress and dismay,
On that busy month of May,
Rhymes wouldn’t come her way.
A price too high to pay.

Her inspiration in a haze,
Nothing that’ll dare and amaze,
At which to marvel and gaze…
Oh, such torturing phase.
Or could she be a lost case?
Might as well chill and laze,
Scribble a little, elate and erase,

Then give it another try,
Find solace in the sky,
Embrace life, never be shy.
Learn, lust, love and lie
Down in an ecstatic sigh…
Afterwards, kiss it all goodbye.
Go home… make words fly.

She lets humanity be her muse.
Rhymes and verses that she’ll infuse
Into our veins. You’ll share her blues,
Feel her hope and smile as you choose
A favorite piece matching your hues.
So make them beautiful and profuse.
Poetess, free yourself, set them loose.

This is the story of a wandering bard.
A writer always, no matter how hard,
Planting poetic seeds, yard after yard,
Day and night, standing guard.
Of her life, each verse is a shard.
For us to share in, enjoy or regard.
Poetry is alive, unmarred and starred.

Make – 2012

Make time for poetry, and life shall flourish.
Make room for silly rhymes, for the smiles they nourish.
Make way for romantic verses, an everlasting kiss.
Make away with despair; live each moment in bliss.
Make do with simple words. Poetry is for everyone.
Make good in your passion, with patience and fun.
Make much of those you love, and all of those in need.
Make art, make up, make out… wholehearted and freed;
Make bold in every gesture, for all the lyrics you have cried;
Make sail on each sunrise; take inspiration for a ride.

Seam Reap, Cambodia

Seam Reap, Cambodia