Tupelo 30/30 Project – Day 23 –Celebrating the Birth of a Lioness

The year is 2015. She turns 40 next month. Soon after, I turn 37. And, for this long, we have been best friends.

My sister is a warrior, a brave beautiful lioness. She is also a loyal daughter, and the mom of the sweetest, wildest and most untamable of cubs.

She is a healer of both body and soul, compassionate and attentive, even when all else in life fails to make sense.

Lately, she has been questioning her faith, but prefers not to talk about it. At all costs, she avoids worrying our parents.

Having lived through half her life, as she says, she wonders about what she has achieved. Let us recap, sis, shall we?


You have mastered the rare ability to love unconditionally those around you… and we are devoted to you for it.

Sly and svelte, you have come out of life’s battles victorious; surely scarred, but ever stronger and more stunning.

With grace and dignity, you have created order where entropy would have otherwise prevailed.

To me, you have been an exemplary fortress, a loyal and patient shoulder and ear, an inspiration for many verses.

You have raised a spirited amorous kitten… an angel who has bestowed upon us a collection of delightful memories.

You have kept a home for him every step of the way. As your world seemed to crumble, the walls of love and care around him have always withstood.

Now I see you worried and overworked, maybe lonely at times, frustrated with that which you cannot control… but this too shall pass.

You are a survivor and a champion… no matter how huge the obstacle, how rough the path, how hectic the days.

At your darkest hours, remember all that. Hold on to the lioness inside, to her enduring strength to hurt and hunt in the wilderness.

Remember, too, that sometimes she will need to roar and run free. She may even feel like scratching and biting every once in a while.

And she requires her own time and space to rejoice in nature, to yawn and nap… to purr, stretch out and lie lazily in the sun.

Sis, you are perfect… with all your feline imperfections. Happy birthday!


Xiamen Poetry Nights

National Poetry Month installment

Happy National Poetry Month! Here’s how we’ll be celebrating all the way out here in Xiamen, China.

Poetry Month Soiree



Tomorrow, as snow covers the streets of DC, I’ll be co-hosting a poetry evening as part of the monthly Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency open-mic. It’ll also be my last, before I head back home to Brazil and start getting ready for new adventures. So, after going through my poems, I’ve felt like “Obrigada” expresses nicely my gratitude for my years in beautiful fun DC… the amazing and inspiring friends and colleagues I’ve met… the things I’ve learned and accomplished… and, of course, all the poetry I’ve heard and written as I fell in love with the artsy scene and so much else about this city. This poem also brings back those feeling I get when I know I’ll be home soon with my family… Wishing you all a poetic week and holiday season! 

Me and sis

Me and sis

This empty mind of mine…
No verses, not even a line.
Nothing to talk about.
Inspiration all wrong.
Friendly faces wondering what’s shaking,
What’s cooking and baking with the Brazilian,
As she sits there alone,
Does nothing,
Just stares at her phone.

Yes, here I am again,
Scribbling senseless notes…
Fighting away confusing thoughts.
Quietly trying to untie ancient knots.
Listening to the music that makes my mind dance.
The colorful sounds that put hearts in trance,
A smirk on my face,
As people all around move and spark,
All so magically loving life… in the dark.

It’s Thanksgiving…
And I feel such gratitude for the multitude of stars
That light my way and the path of those I treasure.
Soon enough we will all be together.
A pit stop in Rome and, shortly after,
Life will take my hand and fly me home.

For my parents, on their 40th Anniversary

Today, my parents are celebrating 40 years of marriage… 40 years, folks! And so I’m posting here a few humble lines in honor of their life together… and to thank them for being such wonderful souls, wishing them an eternity of shared love and joy…  Papi, mami, amo muito vocês…

40 anos

So much poetry in couples walking together,

They embrace and never lose the rhythm.

Nothing matters around them,

They are lost in each other,

Like autumn leaves in the wind.