The Power and Importance of Compassion in Literature

There’s a line in one of my poems that goes: “Dearth of compassion inflicting the Earth…” In moments of crisis, it’s hard to find humanity, but it’s there… it’ll always be… hidden or lost as it may seem at times.

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I’ve been thinking about compassion lately. It’s impossible not to, with everything that’s going on in our world. Terrorist attacks, increased racial tensions, insensitivity toward other minority groups, and the most vitriolic U.S. presidential election I can remember (notice the timing of this post, fellow Americans?)… From a social perspective, 2016 has been a bleak year, and I’m deeply worried about where we as a society are heading.

But let’s not discuss politics. Instead, let’s focus on a topic that I think many of us will agree on: the power of compassion in literature. By compassion, I mean moments when characters show kindness, mercy, and similar qualities. These actions can draw us closer to those characters, move us to tears, and make those stories all the more memorable. And during these turbulent times in our world, finding – and writing – stories that demonstrate compassion may be more important than ever.

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One thought on “The Power and Importance of Compassion in Literature

  1. You’re so right about compassion always being present, though it’s sometimes hard to find. I think that’s why it’s all the more important now to look for compassion, write about it, and perform our own acts of it. 🙂

    Thanks so much for reblogging, btw!

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